How to Get BTC6X Web Application?

With the help of the BTC6X web application, you can enjoy all the benefits and services offered by this crypto exchange on your iOS devices.

BTC6X crypto exchange offers features, such as a high number of pairs, airdrop rewards, referral program rewards, low trading fees, and a built-in wallet, that can easily create the best and the safest trading experience for all traders, novice and professional alike, from anywhere in the world, given that the services are offered in several different languages.


  1. To get the BTC6X Web Application, first enter the website on your device and choose the following button, as shown in the image:

Install web app


2- From the next menu that opens up, choose Add to Home Screen

3- In the next step, you only need to choose Add


4- And that’s it!

You can now enjoy the services of BTC6X easily and quickly with the touch of a button:



Published: 2022-03-07