A true mark of an accessible trading platform is how many languages this platform is offered in.

There are many platforms in the crypto world that are exclusively and predominantly offered in the English language, which obviously limits its accessibility for users who come from other places in the world and speak a language other than English.

However, this is not an issue with the BTC6X exchange. This trading platform was first offered in English as the first language. But, as per the request of users from all around the world speaking many different languages, BTC6X team added even more languages to the exchange.

In fact, 6 more languages were added, bringing the total languages supported by this platform to seven; which include of course English, but also Russian, Persian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, and Japanese.

As it can be seen, among the languages that are offered are other European languages and several Asian languages. In this way, the reach of the services of the exchange extends far beyond English speaking counties and individuals.

The whole purpose of this measure was to make the services of the BTC6X trading platform available for as many as possible from all around the world.

As it seems, even more languages will be added to this exchange as the user base grows even further.

Published: 2022-02-22