New Address for the Website:


There is a new address for the website and it is

This means that BTC6X exchange has officially been rebranded as Purcow Exchange.

Purcow offer a high variety and number of crypto pairs, and it means that users can easily trade at any time in a fast and easy manner any kind of digital currency with other digital currencies and also with fiat money.

Of course, a prominent feature of Purcow is the strong security and safety of this exchange for your assets. Among the security features that can be seen in Purcow is the Two Factor Authentication or 2FA.

Purcow exchange has also provided the opportunity for users to use a Single Sign On or the SSO system. With the help of an SSO system users will be able to benefit from a lot of advantages.

For instance, with the help of this system, they can use the same email and password to have access to various accounts, without having to memorize and go through the hassle of so many usernames and passwords. In fact, the SSO system used in this exchange is the same SSO system offered by the Swiss Blockchain company Counos Platform.

Another important factor that you need to take into account with regard to Purcow exchange are the exchange fees. Some exchanges actually impose high fees. As such, trading with them would not be the most financially sound idea.

However, Purcow exchange has some of the lowest fees that can be found on the market. So, with the help of this exchange, you will not have to worry about this matter and trade with ease of mind.

Last but not least, Purcow exchange offers excellent support to all its users 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It means we will be by your side if you have any questions or inquiries in your trading journey.


Published: 2022-12-13