How to Withdraw Your BTCX Tokens?

One of the fundamental purposes behind the establishment of the BTC6X exchange has been to create a community of real users in a platform where they can empower each other and trade digital currencies.

In line with our vision of a community of real users, we have decided to make a slight change in the way users can withdraw their BTCX tokens.

In order for users to be able to withdraw their BTCX tokens, they need to follow BTC6X exchange on all social media and also be active in them; i.e. like the posts and engage with the content.

These users will then be able to withdraw their airdrop tokens from the exchange.

Here is a list of our social media:





Telegram Chat

Telegram Channel


So, follow our social media and like our posts to withdraw your BTCX tokens.

Published: 2022-05-17